Race / Disappearance


Additional Information

The race: each player rolls a dice, the one with the highest number starts at position 1, to advance to position 2 you have to roll a 2. Each player takes turns rolling the dice until one of them rolls the necessary number. The successful player switches to the next number. The other continues until he/she succeeds in turn. The winner is the first one that gets to 12.

Disappearance: Place a tee in each of the 24 holes. Roll the dice in turn. Remove the tees representing the number on the dice (e.g. you roll a 7 you can then remove tees 1 and 6, 2 and 5 or the 3 and 4). The first to remove all his tees is the WINNER. You can also start with an empty game plate and fill it in.

2 player / 10-15 minutes

The game includes a game board, 2 sets of 12 tees of the same color, 2 dice with 12 faces, a rule sheet and a carry bag.