How it started

Our story begins in 2004, Monique and I were looking for a suitable picnic table for our 4 and 6 year old sons. Having found nothing other than plastic ones, I bought a bench saw, a drill and got to work.  After 30 years in the corporate world, it was in the fall of 2018 that I made the decision to work full time in my passion for woodworking. Having self-taugh myself, I now continue my passion of woodworking.


The process

We start with wood from the mill that we plane, cut, glue and sand to create the final product. We source discarded material from flooring or door and windows casing companies. In addition, we use offcuts and repurpose them in our games, therefore rescuing pieces from the fire pit. We use food grade glue and mineral oil or linseed oil to protect and emphasize the beauty of natural wood.

A boutique woodworking shop making one of a kind products. All our products are hand made by my wife Monique, our son Bruno and myself. Each piece is truly evolving into a unique one of a kind functional art end product. Our product are wood board games (Cribbage, Aggravation, Frustration Rummy, Race, Rota, Royal game of Ur, Euchre, Nine Men Morris, etc.), car and cell phone holders, charcuterie boards and butcher blocks..